CNC Porting
We offer our complete line of cylinder heads 100% CNC ported. Our years of porting experience allows us to replicate ports and chambers from one head to another. This provides us with the ability to match port volumes and flow resulting in great flow numbers and higher horsepower for you.

The key to high horsepower is port volume. Larger cubic inch engines require larger volume ports. We have not only created the highest quality CNC heads, but we have also developed heads with a wide range of port volumes to provide you with the correct heads for your horsepower needs.

We offer CNC heads for Chrysler small blocks, Hemi, big blocks, Wedge engines, AMC 401 and the new 5.7 or 6.1L Hemi engines. Complete specifications, applications, flow rates and C.I.D. displacements can be found on page 9 of our price sheet. Please feel free to call us with any questions.



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