PAC 10 degree Titanium Retainer

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  • Dual Spring 500 Series Retainer
  • Titanium Retainer for PAC-1245
  • 1289 Dual Valve Springs
  • Lock angle: STD 1
  • Set of 16
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PAC Racing 500 Series valve spring retainers are every bit as reliable as retainers 20 percent heavier. These retainers are produced from the finest proprietary high-tensile titanium alloy for incredible wear and strength. PAC’s engineers take this material and form the ultimate lightweight retainers. They are designed for high-rpm professional racing and abusive or severe engine applications. When you’re building severe engines, you need parts designed to withstand incredible heat and rpm. PAC Racing 500 Series valve spring retainers are built to take all that you can give.


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