407” AMC Street Master Crate Engine

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407” AMC Street Master Crate Engine

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407” AMC Street Master 500 HP@6300 RPM, 480 Torque@4500 RPM

Indy 401-S/R Heads 2.10X1.65, 60cc

Stock AMC 401 Block

Steel 401Crank 3.680″X2.100″ Int. Bal

Eagle H-Beam Rods 6.200″X2.100″

Diamond 10.75:1 Pistons .927 Pins

Super Modified Port & Polish Heads

Comp Cam Solid Cam AMC-S-1

Indy Sheet Metal Valve Covers

Indy 401-2 Intake

Milodon Oil Pan & Pickup

750 DP Holley Carb

MSD Distributor & ICH Wires

ATI Balancer AMC

We Use Your Crank & Block


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