408-415″ A Engine Short Block Kit

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408-415″ A Engine Short Block Kit

Fully Machined Stock 360 Block (408″:4.030″ Bore / 415″:4.060 Bore)

Cast Crank (4.00″ Stroke)

Eagle I-Beam Rods (6.123″X.984″ Pin)

Dish Pistons




Dish Piston: 10.25 to 1 w/ 64cc & 9.5 to 1 w/ 68cc Flat Top 12 to 1 w/ 64cc & 11.25 to 1 w/68cc

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Upgrade Options:

  • Custom Pistons
  • Eagle 3D H-Beam Rods (Block is Stroke Clearanced which is Necessary for these rods)


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