AMC Indy Aluminum Water Block

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Indy IC-401 AMC Indy Maxx Aluminum Bare Water Block (9.200 to 9.400)

Choice of Sleeves

Cam Bearings & Screw in Core Plugs Installed

Dowels & Oil Gallery Plugs Supplied

Splayed Steel Billet Main Caps

Std Bell Housing & Front Cover

Siamese Dry Sleeve Construction

6-1/2×13 Head Bolts per Cyl

Line Hone & Clearance for Stroke

Lifter Bores & Lifter Oiling

Std. Oil Pan Bolt Pattern

4.375″ Machined Aluminum Block Weighs 115 lbs

Redesigned Oil System

Add $500 to upgrade to Solid block

Add $600 to upgrade to 55mm Roller Cam Bearing Option (Needle Roller Bearings Included: MUST USE CUSTOM CAM)

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