600-13X Assembled Heads

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Assembled heads come with roller springs good up to .850″ lift, CNC chambers, porting required.
Customer must supply cam specs.
Machined exclusively for special Jesel rockers.
Valve angle 13 degrees.
Stock 440 exhaust bolt pattern.
500 CFM potential air flow.
Intake port volume 410cc / 460 CNC.
Exhaust port volume 134cc.
Intake valve diameter 2.450 – 5.900″ overall length.
Exhaust valve diameter 1.81″ – 5.900″ overall length.
Comes standard with titanium valves.
70cc combustion chamber volume.
Can be milled to 60cc.
Use Indy Maxx aluminum block with 4.840″ CL.
Recommended raised cam 45 degree angle.
4.563″ bore required for 600-13X heads
Bore center line diameter 4.840″.
Must use spray bar valve covers (440-8S).
2.100″ spring height, 1.625″ common diameter.
Head gasket: copper with o-ringing.
Intake gasket Indy #218.
Exhaust header gasket Indy #222.
Head studs: ARP #440-18.
Valve guides 5/16 solid bronze.
3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
Accepts all Indy intake manifolds.
Head stud torque 70ft lbs.
7/16-14 Jesel rocker bolts 50ft lbs.
Best engine range 605″ cid to 655″.

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The professionals at Indy Cylinder Head are determined to raise horsepower to the next level, without sacrificing reliability. The 600-13X is a true wedge, 13 degree valve angle head, with the potential of 500CFM of air flow. The 4.840 bore center line is a necessity to increase valve diameter to 2.400″ on the intake and 1.900″ on the exhaust without shrouding the valves. Lightweight, reliable 1100 + HP engines are finally available for the true wedge racer. Build a 655″ cid with these heads and you will have a mid seven second ride with any tube chassis car. A complete 655″ cid Big Wedge Engine weighs only 485lbs.



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