Indy Maxx Aluminum Block 440 Wedge

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440 RB Wedge Indy Maxx Aluminum Water Block (9.80 or 10.720) (400 Mains available)

Choice of Sleeves

Cam Bearings & Screw in Core Plugs Installed

Dowels and Oil Gallery Plugs Supplied

Steel Billet Main Caps

All 5 Main Caps are cross bolted

Siamese Dry Sleeve Construction

.300 Between Cyl at 4.500″ Bore

Finished Line Hone

Finished Lifter Bores

Std. Oil Pan Bolt Pattern (Wide Oil Pan Bolt Pattern Available)

4.500″ Machined Alum Block weighs 133 lbs

Add $500 to Upgrade to Solid Block

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