Predator Hemi Cylinder Head- Bare

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  • Assembled heads come with roller springs good up to .980 lift.
  • Customer must supply cam specs.
  • Machined exclusively for special T&D rockers.
  • Valve Angle is 10 degrees on the intake and 6 degrees on the exhaust.
  • 540 CFM potential airflow.
  • Intake port volumes available are 400cc as cast up to 460cc fully CNC ported.
  • Exhaust port volume is 168cc.
  • Intake valve diameter is 2.450.
  • Exhaust valve diameter is 1.840.
  • Titanium valves are optional.
  • 84cc combustion chamber volume.
  • Flat mill .006″ per combustion chamber cc.
  • Can be milled to 65cc.
  • CNC combustion chambers available for 4.500 to 4.560 Bore.
  • Use Indy Maxx block or Mopar World cast iron block.
  • Wedge and Hemi head bolt patterns available.
  • Bore centerline is 4.800.
  • Spray bar valve covers (PRE-7S) or pushrod oiling available.
  • 2.200 spring height, 1.625 common diameter.
  • Head Gasket: Cometic multi-layer steel.
  • Intake Gasket: Indy 234P.
  • Exhaust Gasket: Indy 238P.
  • Head Studs: ARP PRE-17 for Wedges and PRE-27 for Hemi.
  • Valve Guides: 11/32 solid bronze (5/16 available).
  • 3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
  • To complete your engine Indy Cylinder Head manufactures big volume single 4500 and tunnel ram manifolds as well as light weight cast aluminum valve covers.
  • Head stud torque 70ft lbs.
  • 7/16-14 T&D rocker bolts 50ft lbs.


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The Predator Head was developed in conjunction with Steve Gill to create the world’s best cylinder head for the 4.800 centerline Chrysler engine. Available in both Hemi & Wedge head bolt patterns, the Predator is a symmetrically designed head to better equalize heat and make all runners and chambers exactly the same. Air flow numbers above 530cfm with a 2.450 intake valve and 460cc CNC porting are easily obtained. Intake air enters the combustion chamber as far away from the exhaust valve as possible allowing for better cylinder fill and consequently more power. 1400 horsepower with a 655 cid top dragster engine is the standard at Indy.


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