Hemi Fel-Pro Performance Head Gaskets .051″ Thick

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Head Gasket, Composition Type, 4.590 in. Bore, .051 in. Compressed Thickness, Dodge, Plymouth, 426 Hemi

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Forged in the fires of high performance engines, Fel-Pro Performance head gaskets are quite literally created to tame the fiery combustion chambers of up to 1,000 hp engines. Reinforced with KEVLAR® fiber and engineered to give you a perfect seal that can withstand combustion pressures of 1,500 to 3,000 psi, these gaskets are bred for high performance. They have a conformable anti-stick coating—and are constructed with pre-flattened copper or steel rings for easy installation, while also giving them the strength to tame your beastly powerplant. The anti-stick coating ensures easy removal and cleanup on frequent rebuilds, but also aids in micro-sealing minor surface irregularities. When rebuilding your engine, use the parts you wish were in it to begin with. Put a set of Fel-Pro Performance head gaskets in that engine—not only to help it perform better today, but to make your next engine project that much easier.


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