Big EZ Head Kit- 325 CNC Port

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Head Kit Includes:

  • 440-4 HS rocker assembly (1.5 or 1.6 ratio)
  • 440-9K Push rod Kit (Unfinished)
  • 400 or 440-6 valley plate
  • 440-10 external oil kit
  • 440-11 rocker studs
  • 440-7 or 8 valve covers
  • Complete gasket kit
  • 400- or 440-2 or -3 manifold

Upgrade Options:

  • T & D rocker arms ($467)
  • Upgrade to two piece valley plate



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The EZ heads are designed for A body cars. They have stock low exhaust port location and bolt patterns. Most all standard exhaust headers will work. This also means that if you want Indy power and want to use your existing stock exhaust headers, this is your head. Like all Indy heads, the EZ head features the long valve design and cast aluminum valley plate. More intake volume (270cc 440 SEZ) equals more power.

The Big Easy 325cc head is an expanded version of the Little Easy. The main difference is the volume of the intake runner, offset intake rockers are required with external shaft oiling. The Big Easy is a must for racers that want a 540 cubic inch combo in the A-body with low exhaust ports. Feel The Power!

  • Long valve design
  • Stock exhaust port location
  • Full CNC port 325cc intake
  • Offset intake rockers needed
  • Uses 440-1 shaft oiling
  • 78cc closed or 82cc open chamber
  • 2.19 x 1.81 valve
  • 370CFM @ .700″ lift


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