401-SR Heads Assembled

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  • Assembled heads come with hydraulic, solid, or roller springs good up to .750″ lift.
  • Recommended 10 degree locks for solid or roller.
  • Customer must supply cam specs.
  • Uses aftermarket AMC 360-401 roller rocker arm.
  • Uses Indy part #401-7SR guide plates (5/16 or 3/8).
  • Uses Indy part #401-6SR rocker studs (7/16).
  • Machined for stud mounted or Jesel rockers.
  • Intake valve diameter 2.100″ – 5.344″ overall length.
  • Exhaust valve diameter 1.650″ – 5.370″ overall length.
  • Valve angle is stock 18 degrees.
  • Stock valve location.
  • Indy roller rockers 401-4SR (1.6 ratio).
  • Accessory holes in stock location.
  • Stock AMC exhaust bolt pattern and port location.
  • Intake port volume 235cc.
  • Intake port volume is 69cc bigger than stock head.
  • Exhaust port volume 105cc.
  • 61 cc combustion chamber volume.
  • Can be milled to 51cc.
  • Head Gasket: Indy #290.
  • Intake Gasket: Indy #294.
  • Exhaust Header Gasket: Indy #298.
  • Head Bolts: ARP #401-16 (1/2″).
  • Head studs: ARP #401-18 (1/2″).
  • Valve guides 11/32 solid bronze.
  • 3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
  • Accepts stock AMC and aftermarket intakes.
  • Best performance single plane intake: Indy 401-1.
  • Can be drilled for 3/8 extra head bolt holes.
  • Head bolt torque 95 ft. lbs.
  • 7/16-14 Jesel rocker bolts 50 ft. lbs.
  • Best engine range 360″ to 401″.
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The final answer is: Indy Cylinder Head has finally produced a head with the AMC guy in mind, we have taken our years of experience and produced a cylinder head that AMC enthusiasts can take advantage of, the 401-SR. The 401-SR is a replacement type aluminum head for 360 to 401 AMC V8’s. This head features a modern high quench heart shape 61cc combustion chamber and a generous 235cc intake runner. Any AMC intake manifold can be utilized but if it’s performance you’re looking for, the choice is clear, the Indy 401-3 single plane intake. This versatile head is a perfect performance candidate from a street machine to 4 wheeling, or even a bracket race combination where more power is needed.



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