600-13X Cylinder Heads – Bare

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  • Assembled heads come with roller springs good up to .850″ lift, CNC chambers, porting required.
  • Customer must supply cam specs.
  • Machined exclusively for special Jesel rockers.
  • Valve angle 13 degrees.
  • Stock 440 exhaust bolt pattern.
  • 500 CFM potential air flow.
  • Intake port volume 410cc / 460 CNC.
  • Exhaust port volume 134cc.
  • Intake valve diameter 2.450 – 5.900″ overall length.
  • Exhaust valve diameter 1.81″ – 5.900″ overall length.
  • Comes standard with titanium valves.
  • 70cc combustion chamber volume.
  • Can be milled to 60cc.
  • Use Indy Maxx aluminum block with 4.840″ CL.
  • Recommended raised cam 45 degree angle.
  • 4.563″ bore required for 600-13X heads
  • Bore center line diameter 4.840″.
  • Must use spray bar valve covers (440-8S).
  • 2.100″ spring height, 1.625″ common diameter.
  • Head gasket: copper with o-ringing.
  • Intake gasket Indy #218.
  • Exhaust header gasket Indy #222.
  • Head studs: ARP #440-18.
  • Valve guides 5/16 solid bronze.
  • 3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
  • Accepts all Indy intake manifolds.
  • Head stud torque 70ft lbs.
  • 7/16-14 Jesel rocker bolts 50ft lbs.
  • Best engine range 605″ cid to 655″.
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The professionals at Indy Cylinder Head are determined to raise horsepower to the next level, without sacrificing reliability. The 600-13X is a true wedge, 13 degree valve angle head, with the potential of 500CFM of air flow. The 4.840 bore center line is a necessity to increase valve diameter to 2.400″ on the intake and 1.900″ on the exhaust without shrouding the valves. Lightweight, reliable 1100 + HP engines are finally available for the true wedge racer. Build a 655″ cid with these heads and you will have a mid seven second ride with any tube chassis car. A complete 655″ cid Big Wedge Engine weighs only 485lbs.




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