Jesel Pro Series Distributor Drive Kits

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Distributor Drive, HEI, Crank Trigger, 0.250 Raised Cam, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Big Block/Hemi, Kit

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Jesel Pro Series distributor drive kits are ideal for naturally aspirated engines. They feature Gates PowerGrip HTD belts and use Moroso Ultra Series distributor components. The balanced brass rotor tip and form-staked carbon ball on the coil lug have been designed to eliminate grounding paths and crossfiring. Jesel belt-driven distributor systems are direct bolt-on accessories to their camshaft belt drives, eliminating timing inaccuracies due to camshaft deflection and cam walk. By driving the distributor drive directly off the camshaft pulley, ignition timing stays constant and will not deviate from the initial settings. Plus, Jesel Pro distributor drives provide the ability to set the engine back further in the chassis without worrying about firewall or windshield interference.


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