440 RB Indy Max Wedge Manifold-Hi-Rise

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Utilizes Max Wedge 440-1 intake port opening with 4500 flange.

Fuel injection bosses cast into manifold for simple E.F.I. conversion.

440-3X measures 7.65″ tall

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The newly designed 440-3X wedge manifold is a perfect example of Indy meeting the customers needs and concerns. Naturally when Indy produced higher horsepower, larger volume heads, larger cubic inch engines evolved. Indy’s original single plane manifolds were sufficient until the 600 cubic inch range was breached. Customers wanted an intake manifold that would feed their hungry big cubic inch engines and Indy delivered.

The 440-3X is a larger volume single plane 4500 flange wedge intake manifold for R/B height blocks. It was designed exclusively to fill the void for the larger cubic inch engines. As in all Indy products, the 440-3X has versatility. It can also be used as a power upgrade on any well built wedge engine with compatible heads and related components. This manifold also features E.F.I. bosses for those of you wanting to build the ultimate fuel injected race engine. Brand X racers BEWARE!!


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