Hemi 4500 High Rise Intake

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Manifold will fit the original 16 bolt Chrysler 426 Hemi heads, 10 bolt pattern for bigger ports available.

Fuel Injection bosses cast into manifold for simple E.F.I. conversions

426 measures 9.25″ from end rails of block to top of carb flange or manifold

Manifold 4500 High Rise Single Four

Must use 426-26 Bolt Kit 3 1/2″ Long


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The manifold measures 9.25″ tall from end rail of block to carb base (hood clearance may be a problem). The 426-4 can be ordered with the original 16 bolt mounting pattern or a wider 10 bolt pattern for large port size heads used on the Indy 600 cubic inch Legend Engines. Dyno tests and track R&D has proved 1000HP is possible with a 605 Legend using a single 4500 carb (the motor, no bottle). Research and development will continue at Indy Cylinder Head until the original Elephant regains its supremacy.



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