MSD 7AL-2 Plus CD Ignitions 7222

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Ignition Box, 7AL-2 Plus, Analog, Capacitive Discharge, Universal, Electronic, Racing

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MSD 7AL-2 Plus CD ignitions have all the features of the standard 7AL-2 with the addition of a 2-step rev control and a new diagnostic LED to deliver their full power at any rpm. Their multiple spark discharge circuitry gives better throttle response, off-corner performance, smooth idle, and more consistent launches. Their built-in soft touch rev control protects your engine from damage due to over-revving and they feature accurate rev-limiting action that’s smooth, without backfires or roughness, and adjustments are easily made with plug-in modules. They can be triggered from points, magnetic pickups, crank triggers, and electronic amplifiers. MSD 7AL-2 Plus CD ignitions are available for 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines. From NHRA to Circle Track, they’re proven winners.


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