Clevite P-Series Rod Bearings CB-527P

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Rod Bearing, P Series, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Chrysler, Big Block, 350-440

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Clevite P-Series Rod Bearings

P-Series rod bearings are the oldest members of the Clevite 77 performance bearing family. They’re intended for high-revving engines, especially those where the high rpm cause the rod bores to narrow. To compensate for this distortion, these direct replacements have higher eccentricity and a high crush factor. Clevite P-Series rod bearings are built on hardened-steel backings with extra-thin overlays, and their lower sections have dowel holes for use with aluminum rods, and there are extra-clearance variations available with an additional 0.001 in. of clearance. Order the model designed for your vehicle and engine application.


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