Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods CRS6860C3D

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  • Eagle Connecting Rods
  • 6.860″ Length
  • 2.375″ Rod Journal
  • 1.031″ Pin
  • Chrysler Width
  • 895 Grams
  • ESP 4340 H-Beam
  • Cap Screw/ Bushed
  • Hemi
  • Set of 8
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Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods

Free your engine’s horsepower on the wings of Eagle H-beam connecting rods. Their 2-piece, forged, vacuum-degassed, 4340-certified steel construction provides outstanding strength, while still weighing much less than stock rods. Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated, X-rayed, sonic-tested, magnafluxed, 100 percent machined, and then shot-peened to stress-relieve the metal.

The rods have precision cap alignment sleeves to positively locate each rod cap, silicon bronze bushings for floating pin models—and are available in stroker models that allow additional cam-to-rod clearance for large stroke combinations. They come standard with 190,000 psi rated ARP 8740 and 230,000 psi rated ARP 2000 rod bolts, or 265,000 psi rated ARP L-19 bolts as upgrades. Instructions and rod bolt lubrication are included. Order the model designed for your vehicle year/make and engine application.


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