7.100″ Callies Compstar Connecting Rods CSB7100ES3B9AH

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  • 7.100″ Length
  • 2.200 Rod Journal
  • .990 Pin
  • BBC Width
  • H Beam
  • L19 Bolts
  • (Compstar)
  • Forged
  • ARP Cap Screws/ Bushed Pin
  • Set of 8


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Callies Compstar Connecting Rods

Better by design, Callies Compstar connecting rods offer high performance and a trouble-free engine build. Concerns about out-of-round, big-end bore sizing, repeatability, time-saving details, and upgrade costs are a thing of the past. Their forged 4340 steel rods are put through a lengthy stress-relief process and burnishing of threads and bolt spot faces to ensure dimensional repeatability, no matter how many times rods are torn down and reassembled. Pin bushings are chamfered and honed, parting line edges are generously chamfered, and bearing locating tab slots are deburred, all in an effort to save you time and trouble. ARP 2000 bolts and stroker clearances are standard with Compstar rods. Choose either their original H-beam design or heavy-duty I-beam designed rods. For high performance use right out of the box, plus value and peace of mind, try Callies Compstar connecting rods.


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