360-1 Assembled Heads

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  • Should be purchased in kit form (360-1K).
  • Recommended 10 degree locks for solid or roller cam.
  • Custom must supply cam specs.
  • Uses .800″ offset intake rocker (1.5 or 1.6 ratio) same rocker as the 440-1.
  • Machined for stock rocker shaft.
  • Valve angle is stock 18 degrees.
  • Stock valve location.
  • Both stock 360 and W-2 exhaust bolt pattern.
  • Extra heavy duty rocker pedestals.
  • Intake port volume 210cc.
  • Intake port volume is 46cc bigger than stock head.
  • Exhaust port volume 85cc.
  • Intake valve diameter 2.100″ – 5.344″ overall length.
  • Exhaust valve diameter 1.650″ – 5.370: overall length.
  • 63cc combustion chamber volume (heart shaped).
  • Can be milled to 53cc.
  • Head bolt pattern std. 10 bolt or aftermarket 18 bolt.
  • Head Gasket: Fel-Pro #1008.
  • Intake Gasket: Indy #276.
  • Exhaust Header Gasket: Indy #282.
  • Head Bolts: ARP #360-16.
  • Head Studs: ARP #360-17.
  • Valve guides 11/32 solid bronze.
  • 3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
  • Accepts 360-3R Indy rectangular intake.
  • Head bolt torque 95 ft. lbs.
  • 48 degree available.
  • Rocker shafts 25-30 ft. lbs.
  • Best engine range 360 cid to 426 cid
  • CNC 245 Windjammer porting available.
  • Roller cam push rod length must be checked!
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When Indy decided to make small block heads, we used our patented format: lightweight castings, long valves, and proper port volume. The 360-1 head works on stock blocks and also takes advantage of the 18-bolt head bolt pattern found on the “R” series blocks from Mopar Performance. These heads will transform your small block into a serious street machine, or a very reliable, powerful bracket engine. Since 400″+ cid small blocks are common, our 360-1 rectangular port head was created to fill the bill perfectly. Expected power bands will be similar to a 451″ cid big block wedge.



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