440-SR Cylinder Heads- Bare

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  • Uses stock sheet metal valley pan with 1/2″ end rail spacer or Indy valley plate (#440-06 or 400-6)
  • Uses 440-10 external oil line kit.
  • Assembled heads come with hydraulic, solid, or roller springs good up to .750″ lift.
  • Recommended 10 degree locks for solid or roller cam.
  • Custom must supply cam specs.
  • Machined for stock rocker shafts.
  • Uses any aftermarket adjustable rocker from stock type head (906, 452 etc.)
  • Stock 440 exhaust bolt pattern (raised exhaust port may need custom headers).
  • Accessory holes in stock location.
  • Intake port volume 265cc.
  • Intake volume is 65cc bigger than stock heads.
  • Exhaust port volume 106cc.
  • Intake valve diameter 2.19″ – 5.344″ overall length.
  • Exhaust valve diameter 1.81″ – 5.370″ overall length.
  • 75cc combustion chamber volume (heart shaped).
  • Can be milled to 62cc.
  • Can port match to Max Wedge intake size.
  • Head Gasket: Fel-Pro #1009.
  • Head Bolts: Manley #440-16.
  • Head Studs: ARP #440-17.
  • Valve Guides: 11/32 solid bronze.
  • 3/4 reach gasket seat spark plugs.
  • All aftermarket intakes fit (modify to Max Wedge).
  • Head bolt torque 70 ft. lbs.
  • Rocker shaft torque 25 to 30 ft. lbs.
  • Best engine range 383″ to 500″.
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The best, most cost effective choice for the performance minded Chrysler enthusiast just got better, It now features a new, more efficient heart shaped chamber. Convert your stock iron head to the 440-SR and your intake, rocker shafts, rocker arms, valve covers, pistons (either dome or flat top) will work.

The 440-SR is the most versatile head Indy has to offer. It is a true bolt on 60 to 75 HP increase in stock form. Even a fully ported stock iron head is not as good as a stock 440-SR. The use of the 440-SR ranges from a daily driver to a 670 HP 500″ cid on pump gas (with heads in fully ported form with the 440-1 Max Wedge intake port opening). The 440-SR also makes a perfect replacement power upgrade for bracket cars.



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