SEZ Head- Bare

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  • Long valve design (270ccIN)
  • Stock exhaust port location
  • Stock intake opening
  • Stock pushrod location
  • Stock rocker arms
  • Stock rocker shaft oiling
  • Can be machined to open chamber 80 or 82cc
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The EZ heads are designed for A body cars. They have stock low exhaust port location and bolt patterns. Most all standard exhaust headers will work. This also means that if you want Indy power and want to use your existing stock exhaust headers, this is your head. Like all Indy heads, the EZ head features the long valve design and cast aluminum valley plate. More intake volume (270cc 440 SEZ) equals more power.

The as cast 440 SEZ Indy head incorporates the original design raised intake runner and Indy aluminum valley plate. Stock 906 paper intake gaskets, stock exhaust gaskets, and stock rocker arms are used. Angle spark plugs with standard low exhaust port and bolt pattern. This is a cure for the common clearance problem!


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