Manley Titanium Intake Valve

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Titanium Intake Valve for 600-13 Heads

2.400 Hd Dia

11/32 Stem

5.900 OL

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Manley Titanium Valves

Manley titanium valves feature forged one-piece construction with grain flow, not a head welded to a stem. These jewel-like valves are machined in state-of-the-art CNC turning centers and valve stem grinders to exacting tolerances. Manley utilizes the finest titanium alloys for both the intakes and exhausts, providing the best balance of mechanical properties, hardness, ductility, and fatigue strength at the given temperatures. All Manley titanium valves must pass their rigorous final inspection process, and strict quality control enables them to deliver parts within tight tolerance. Custom valves can be delivered within a very reasonable turnaround time. Seat coatings are also available on certain shelf stock part numbers, as well as on custom valves.


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