MSD Blaster HVC Ignition Coils 8252

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Ignition Coil, Blaster HVC, E-Core, Square, Epoxy, Blue, 42,000 V

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MSD Blaster HVC ignition coils are designed for high-rpm, long-duration applications, such as road course and Circle Track racing using the MSD 6 Series ignition. These units feature a 100:1 turns ratio, as well as lower primary resistance to produce high-voltage output. Windings are encased in a durable epoxy and secured with extruded brackets. They also feature a spark plug style terminal and a threaded brass primary stud. These ignition coils are CARB EO-approved and are supplied with rubber shock mounts to help them resist coil vibration. Equip your performance vehicle with MSD Blaster HVC ignition coils and feel the power!


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