4.320″ Sealed Power File-Fit Plasma-Moly Piston Rings

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  • 4.320″ (+.035″) File Fit
  • 1/16, 3/16 (Plasma Moly Top Ring, Cast Second Ring)
  • Low Tension Oil Ring
  • Plasma-Moly
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Sealed Power File-Fit Plasma-Moly Piston Rings

Sealed Power plasma-moly piston rings are designed to stand up to the rigors of racing and high performance street use, while providing a long service life. Just look at some of these features: Plasma-moly coated, barrel-shaped, ductile iron top rings that seal against blowby when the piston rocks in its bore; tapered secondary rings that seal against the oil control ring’s upper surface for excellent oil control; and 3-piece oil rings with stainless steel expanders that provide proper tension without robbing horsepower.


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