6.760″ Eagle CRS Lightweight H-Beam Connecting Rods CRS6760B3D

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  • 6.760″ Length
  • 2.375″ Rod Journal
  • 990″ Pin
  • Chrysler Width
  • 870 Grams
  • Forged 4340 steel
  • H-Beam
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Eagle CRS Lightweight H-Beam Connecting Rods

Eagle now offers their CRS lightweight H-beam connecting rods in their Featherweight series. The lighter design provides less rotating mass for flawless high-rpm performance. Their 2-piece, forged, vacuum-degassed, 4340-certified steel construction provides superb strength at a fraction of the weight of most other rods. Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated, X-rayed, sonic-tested, magnafluxed, 100 percent machined, and shot-peened to stress-relieve the metal. The rods have a stout cap screw attachment with precision cap alignment sleeves to positively locate each rod cap. They come with 220,000 psi rated ARP 2000 cap screw rod bolts, instructions, and rod bolt lubrication.


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