Driven Racing Oil GP-1 Synthetic Blend High Performance Motor Oil

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Engine Oil, GP-1 Synthetic Blend High Performance, Semi-synthetic, 10W30, 1 qt.

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Whether you’re running flat tappet, roller, or overhead cams—Driven Racing Oil GP-1 synthetic blend motor oil is available in several viscosities to cover your needs. It’s compatible with methanol, E85, and high-octane race fuel. Blended with genuine Pennsylvania-grade base crude, this oil achieves a greater pressure-viscosity coefficient for excellent high-temperature/high-shear (HTHS) film thickness. GP-1 delivers maximum engine protection by combining the unique properties and cling of the Pennsylvania-grade base oil, with proprietary high-zinc (ZDDP) additive technology. Driven Racing Oil GP-1 synthetic blend motor oil is ideal for competition engines, modern engines, classic cars, and imports with high performance engines. Order the proper weight for your application.


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