572″ RB Bracket Master Crate Engine

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Engine 572″ RB Bracket Master Wedge

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572″ RB Bracket Master 930 HP@7200 RPM, 810 Torque@5800 RPM w/ 2.350 Titnm Valves

Fully Prepped Mopar/Callies Iron Block

Eagle 4340 Crank (4.500″X2.200″)

GRP Aluminum Rods (7.150″X2.200″)

Diamond 14.50:1 Pistons (.990 Pins)

Indy 572-13 CNC 385 Heads

2.350 Titanium/ 1.88 SS

Comp Roller Cam/Lifters

ATI Balancer

Indy 440-3X Intake & 440-6R Valley Plate

Indy Oiling System

1150 Carb

MSD Distributor & ICH Wires

Jesel Rockers 1.7X1.7


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